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A Valentine's Kiss (2011)

Imogen has always been the rock in her family. She's the one who her siblings rely on to help them with anything they need and her mother relies on her to keep things in order. While there is no doubt that she loves her family, she is tired of putting her love of cooking on the backburner because her mother despises all things to do with food. With the help of Imogen's friend and neighbour, Di, she soon finds herself and her little dog, Monty, living in the south of France and working at a top-of-the-line restaurant. Though, she'll admit, her boss is a bit wild and she's not doing as much cooking as she thought, Imogen is still feeling liberated. When she is asked to cater a Valentine's party for her new friend - an American named Bunny who likes to embalm chickens and call it "art" - Imogen finds herself not just a cook but a guest as well. What results is a game of blind man's bluff in which Imogen is kissed while blindfolded. The effect of the kiss is staggering and it's all she can think about at work, at home, even while walking her dog. Who was this mysterious man who kissed her and then disappeared? Could it be her co-workers, Bastien or Dimitri, who both have expressed interest in the new free-spirited Imogen? Or is it one of Bunny's cute American friends? As her secret admirer continues to send her e-mails and arrange scandalous meet-ups - in the dark of course - she finds herself falling in love with this stranger. But that's ridiculous. You can't fall in love with someone you don't know ... or can you? This is a sweet and romantic Valentine's story that will make you wish you had your own secret admirer who went to the lengths that Imogen's mystery man goes to. (AS)

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