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Pitch Perfect (2012)

As the daughter of a wealthy businessman, Mia Monroe lived a life of privilege and luxury in Chicago. After an argument with her father, Mia takes off with no money and a rundown car to prove that she can make it on her own. When her jalopy breaks down in a small town in Kentucky, Mia gets a job waiting tables, keeping her wealthy background a secret from the residents. Cameron Patrick, a minor league baseball player, is determined to keep out of trouble. When Cameron rescues Mia from a drunken customer, a friendship develops between the two. As their friendship changes into romance, Mia's hidden past threatens their relationship. This is the third novel in the author's Cricket Creek series. Fans of the series will be happy to discover that characters from previous novels make appearances. (AO)

Playing for Keeps (2011)

Former major league baseball player Noah Falcon's character has recently been killed off in a popular soap opera. Noah returns to his small hometown, Cricket Creek, Kentucky, to hone his acting skills in the town's community theatre production. Olivia Lawson tutored Noah Falcon years ago in high school. Olivia recalls how Noah snubbed her in high school when she was a geeky bookworm. She is now a respected high school teacher. When Olivia lands the lead opposite Noah, the sparks fly on and off the stage. Secondary characters Madison, the playwright, and Jason, the local handyman hired to construct the set, add heat to the pages of the book as they underline the novel's theme that opposites attract. This is the first novel in the author's Cricket Creek trilogy. As a fan of will-they-or-won't-they novels, I enjoyed this fun read. (AO)

Redneck Cinderella (2009)

Jolie Russell and her widowed father are redneck farmers in Kentucky. Cody Dean, son of a wealthy real estate developer, buys their farm for $3.5 million. The developers turn their farm into an upscale gated community with one of the homes built for Jolie and her father. Jolie has had a crush on Cody since high school but she believes that he would never fall for her redneck ways. As Jolie and her father try to fit into their new county club lifestyle, they find themselves being looked down upon by their new neighbours. Can Jolie keep true to herself and win the heart of Cody? While the storyline is predicable, it is still a humorous and entertaining read. (AO)

He's No Prince Charming (2009)

Former pop princess Dakota Dunn has returned to the fishing retreat in Tennessee that she owns for an image makeover. Her agent has recommended that she transform herself from sweet girl next door to a sexy redneck country girl. The marina is run by Trace Coleman, a former bull-riding champion, whose career suddenly ended after an injury. Trace lives a quiet country life and is content being a loner. But his life is turned upside down when Dakota moves in. From the first chapter, the author does a great job describing the sexual tension between Dakota and Trace. The novel is written with a fun southern flair and is filled with lots of steamy scenes. (AO)

Trick My Truck but Don't Mess with My Heart (2008)

Candie Montgomery has left a good job in Chicago and headed back to her Kentucky hometown to help out in her family's used-car business. But as she rolls into town, she's surprised to discover that the small-town welcome she expected is sadly lacking. Her twin, Sarah, soon reveals why the townsfolk have been shunning her - they blame Candie for her sister's broken engagement to her close friend Nick. Somehow she's been exposed as the other woman despite being gone for two years. It's a shame she doesn't have her own boyfriend to help put a lid on the gossip. But then a good-looking guy in the pub, Tommy Tucker, puts his hand up for the job - and Candie seems all too willing to let him fill the vacancy. Then Candie comes up with a proposition for Nick that may just save the family business and help fix her sister's broken heart. Just the ticket for anyone seeking some light-hearted fun and romance from some sassy Southern characters. McLane says the storyline was inspired after she watched Trick My Truck on the Country Music Channel. It is the third in her series of Southern romantic comedies, which she pitched as GRITS Lit (Girls Raised in the South). 'I wanted to write novels that small-town girls could relate to as if the stories were written about their lives,' she said.

A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action (2008)

Macy and Jamie Lee are hairdressers in a small southern town. Macy is thrilled when Jamie Lee finally marries the perfect man. But for Macy, she's always harboured a secret crush on Jamie Lee's brother, Luke, but believes he will always be out of her reach. Luke has always dated the supermodel type and Macy is the curvy girl next door. Macy's life is turned upside down when Tammy Turner, a famous country music star, turns up at the salon with a hair emergency and Macy fixes her hair. Macy is suddenly whisked away to Nashville to be Tammy's hairdresser. Macy finally gathers the courage to tell Luke how she feels, however, it might be too late. This has just the right balance of humour and romance. (AO)

Dancing Shoes and Honky-Tonk Blues (2007)

Abby is a waitress in her mother's restaurant in a small town in Kentucky. When her younger brother nominates her as a contestant for the reality show Dancing with the Rednecks, Abby doesn't want to compete but the prize money is just too good to pass up. As Abby rehearses with dance partner Rio Martin, a sexy Mexican ballroom dancing champion, sparks fly between the two on and off the dance floor. This is a fun-filled story that would appeal to fans of Dancing with the Stars. (AO)

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