Finding It - Cora Carmack (2013)

In the third book in the Losing It series, we meet Kelsey, Bliss' best friend from university. After graduation, rich girl Kelsey comes to the realisation that she is simply lost in herself. So she decides to up and leave and go backpacking around Europe in order to 'find' herself. But of course what she doesn't realise is that this experience will turn into one drunken party fest and in the process she may lose herself even more. Whilst out one night, Kelsey locks eyes with a hunky guy named Jackson Hunt and soon the sparks fly. Then secrets start to bubble to the surface and when it turns out that Hunt knows the one thing she has been trying to avoid, can she trust him again with her heart or will she too be hurt? This is a series that I am surprised to say that I am really enjoying and I am now looking forward to reading the novella Keeping Her. (PP)

Finding It - Cora Carmack (2013)

Kelsey Summers seems to have it all. She's got her daddy's credit card at the ready as she travels around Europe and meets new people. All that travelling might be good for some, but for Kelsey, she's just trying to find out what she wants to do with her life and the constant partying and hooking up with random guys she meets at bars isn't working. Then, one night, she meets a stranger named Hunt, who seems to know more about her than anyone ever has and wants to protect her and give her the experience she craves. He proposes that Kelsey give him one week to show her how life should be lived. She agrees, though Hunt could be anyone, and thus begins their adventure. Kelsey wants more from Hunt than he seems able to give but why? As much as he knows about her, she knows nothing about him. What is it that Hunt is hiding? This is the third book in this series and of all of them, it's the least likeable. Kelsey is OK enough but there's something about her that's just annoying, and unlike Garrick, from Losing It, Hunt isn't too likeable either. He's too closed off and secretive. If you've read the series, then you might enjoy this title but if you're starting with this one, just know that the prior two are much better. (AS)

Losing It - Cora Carmack (2012)

Bliss Edwards is in her last year of college when she accidentally tells her best friend, Kelsey, that she is still a virgin. Shocked and dismayed by her friend's lack of a sex life, Kelsey sets out to get Bliss laid once and for all. It seems to go spectacularly well once Bliss turns off her brain and gets a few drinks in her. Although she's slightly terrified at first by the prospect of meeting someone for a one-night stand, when she meets Garrick, a sexy British guy who sweeps her off her feet, she decides to just go with it. Until they get to the sex. Unable to turn her mind off anymore, Bliss bolts from the bed just before doing the deed and leaves a naked and rather confused Garrick behind. Thinking that will be the last time she sees him, she is quite shocked to find him standing in front of her class the next morning as her new professor. How can she possibly go about learning when she has to look at his gorgeous face everyday? And why is she so scared of having sex? As funny as it is poignant, this is story that will resonate with many women who want something but at the same time are afraid to take a risk. Bliss has fears that are founded and her reactions to Garrick's advances and sex in general are so relatable that you can't put the story down. A definite page turner and a stellar debut! (AS)

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