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New Money (2013)

Savannah Morgan has been scraping by all her life. She grew up in a single-parent household and has had to hold down less-than-pleasing jobs to keep things afloat at home. After getting fed up with her latest job as a librarian's assistant, Savannah finally catches a break. A call letting her know that she's the daughter of the late billionaire Edward Stone changes things dramatically. Yes, she may be the illegitimate daughter, as Edward's two children keep letting her know, but she's his daughter nonetheless and for some reason he has left her a hefty inheritance. The only catch is that Savannah has to work at Stone Media for one year. That means she needs to uproot her life in South Carolina and move to New York City where she knows no one. Figuring she has nothing to lose, Savannah moves to the city and instantly feels so much better about life. Things fall into place, she meets two very handsome men who seem to want her and attends the most glamorous parties. But with sabotaging step-siblings and a best friend who tends to disrespect everything Savannah owns, are things really as peachy as she thinks? This is a fun, though cliched, story. Savannah is an enjoyable character but her best friend, Tina, is really annoying. More than once I wanted to pull her out of the book and slap some sense into her. Tina feels entitled to everything and her behaviour throughout the novel is appalling. Without her, the story progresses nicely and would be perfect for a day at the beach. (AS)

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