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Hollywood Car Wash (2007)

Midwestern U-Mich collegiate Amy Spencer auditions for an upcoming teen TV series; think: Beverly Hills 90210 back in its glory days. Throughout her catapulting rise to fame, readers get an inside peek at the cut-throat business behind a hit Hollywood drama. Her name is changed to Star and she gets criticised for everything from her weight to her clothes, her food and exercise regime (or lack thereof). Throughout Amy/Star's journey in Tinseltown, this book reveals how one girl-next-door type character survives in a world full of airbrushed photos, designer clothing (only worn once, of course!) and diet pills. Culwell's skilful writing, creative character relationships and unique situations (that could be easily mistaken for real life) entertained me more and more with every turning page. I would definitely recommend this book as a must-read to all chick lit fans. (CH)

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