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Salting Roses (2010)

Have you ever been so angry you wanted to salt your neighbour's roses? No? Well, it is a Southern thing so maybe you haven't heard of it. However, Gracie Calloway, the heroine in Salting Roses, has and she proves that you don't need a fortune to know exactly where you belong. When Gracie was just a baby, she was left in a coal bucket on a front porch in Alabama. She grew up well taken care of but always wanting to know who her parents are. When she suddenly finds herself faced with the possibility of knowing her parents, Gracie isn't sure she wants any part of it. Especially after she finds out she is the kidnapped heiress of a mega millionaire. To make things worse, Gracie's father has passed away and left her as the sole heir to his entire fortune. Though reluctant at first, Gracie soon warms up to the idea with some help from the gorgeous Yankee her grandmother hired to break the news. Sam Fontana is everything Gracie hates but yet she is totally smitten with him. Will she decide to step up to the plate when it counts the most and claim her true place in society or will she let the past dictate her future? Gracie is a sassy, spunky character who makes you laugh even when she's being serious. She's someone you can easily picture being content with life in a small Southern town - afraid to make a change when one is presented on a silver platter. This debut novel is full of heart, soul and a whole lot of Southern charm. (AS)

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