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Good Grief (2004)

aka Sophie's Bakery for the Broken Hearted

What do you do when your husband dies three years into your happily-ever-after? If you are Sophie Stanton, you try to be the gracious young widow, carrying yourself with dignity and elegance. When that doesn't work out quite as planned, you have the requisite nervous breakdown. Once the grief subsides enough where you can get out of bed again, you take a long look at your life and begin to figure out what's next. Sophie packs up her house and her grief and heads north to Ashland, Oregon, to live with her best friend, Ruth. In the process of reinventing her life, she becomes a Big Sister to 13-year-old pyromaniac Crystal, befriends charming thespian Drew, and begins a new career in the pastry business, all of which lead to her comedic, chaotic and heartwarming path back to the rest of her life. Sophie's story is utterly delightful, heartfelt and uplifting. A true testament to what can happen when you are forced to examine what you want your life to be. (LEK)

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