Also the co-writer of dating advice book He's Just Not That Into You

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How to Be Single (2008)

New York book publicist Julie, 38, is on a girls' night out with her four friends. Georgia's husband has just announced he's leaving her; Ruby is still depressed after the death of her cat; lawyer Alice is ready to quit her job to focus on dating; and Serena has been too busy working on herself to have a relationship. The night out inspires Julie to write a book about how women in other countries cope with being single and so she embarks on a round-the-world trip. Often joined by her friends, from Rio and Rome; Sydney and Bali; to Mumbai and Reykjavik, Julie meets up with single women. Along the way there's an affair with a married Frenchman, a session with a male prostitute, a date with a sperm donor, sex with a spiritual guy, a death and an engagement. Single or not, women will relish Julie's thought-provoking quest.

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