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A Taste of Fame (2009)

Following on from their successful catering of a wedding in the first Potluck Catering Club book, budding filmmaker Nathan submits his documentary footage of them to a reality TV show called The Great Party Showdown. Chosen for the New York show, the Potluck Catering Club must join forces and turn up their efforts if they want to stay in the competition. On screen, they are bundles of joy but off-screen is another story. Evie, the original creator of the Potluck Catering Club, wants then to stop catering and start meeting for their original purpose. She also isn't too keen for all of America to know her as "Evil Evie". Lisa Leann wants the show to work but at home, is her husband ready to stand by her or is he gone once and for all? Deputy Donna is torn between two men - will she follow her heart and choose the perfect one or will she have to settle for second best? And for Vonnie, will her mother finally stand by her or will her newly found brother David once again steal the limelight? Filled with recipes and the stories behind them as well as the on and off-screen antics of the Potluck Catering Club, this will leave you laughing in places and wanting to get to know the characters even more. (PP)

The Potluck Club Takes the Cake (2007)

In this third book in The Potluck Club series, Evangeline's wedding is approaching but it wouldn't be a wedding without drama. Not only does her ex-husband turn up but by his side is Sheriff Vernon Versey's ex-wife and in tow a daughter who shares an eerie resemblance to their daughter Donna. Goldie and Jack have been in marriage counselling after Jack's numerous affairs, but what will happen to their romantic weekend away when one of his mistresses turns up on Goldie's doorstep claiming to be pregnant with Jack's baby? Deputy Sheriff Donna Versey has three guys hot on her but after what went down with her being sued for negligence, does she find herself worthy and who will she choose - Hollywood star David, fellow police officer Wade or newspaper reporter Clay? With a surprise engagement and dramas galore, it's time for the Potluck Club to band together and show the townsfolk what they have. (PP)

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