Libby Street is the pseudonym for the writing team of friends Sarah Bushweller and Emily S. Morris.

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Happiness Sold Separately (2005)

Life in New York City isn't as wonderful as Ryan Hadley imagined. Despite her dreams of owning an accomplished web-design company, she ends up getting a monotonous data entry job. When her gorgeous colleague Will clinches a record deal for his band, and her two best friends Audrey and Veronica get promoted, Ryan starts to feel left behind. She soon finds herself coming up with a plan for her future, and even though not all her schemes are feasible, well, at least it's a start. But what she didn't count on was the reappearance of her college ex-boyfriend and first love, Charlie, who seems to have a successful career in LA. This is a truly inspirational and hilarious read. You will love Ryan, and cheer her on as she endeavours to follow her plans to be the someone she wants to be, and find the courage to fight for the man she loves. (XT)

Accidental IT Girl (2006)

Sadie Price is a celebrity photographer who'll do whatever it takes to get the shot that will bring in the most money. When she gets a compromising shot of Hollywood heart-throb Ethan Wyatt, she thinks she is at the top of her game. That is, until the tables are turned on her and she starts being stalked by a paparazzi who follows her every move. Ethan, in the meantime, won't give up trying to get Sadie to stop her celebrity photo-taking ways and switch to another career. The question is: How does Sadie feel being stalked every day, unable to even leave her house without being followed? Anyone who reads the weekly tabloids or enjoys following the lives of Hollywood stars will devour this book in a heartbeat. (AS)

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