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Unmasking Maya (2012)

Sarah Connelly is one of the head designers at a leading fashion house in New York. But that is before she is betrayed by an "ambitious alpha male" and embroiled in a major scandal which ruins her career. Now she is Maya Kirkwood and on the run. Arriving in San Francisco she creates an alternate reality for herself as a fabric artist. However, because she is a creative genius, she makes quite a name for herself while keeping her true identity under wraps. She is offered an opportunity to create an installation at the Silicon Valley headquarters of a new emerging IT firm, Unisco Corp, whose CEO is a smoking hot, uber ambitious nerd, Derek Whitley. Derek is himself running from ghosts of his past and that makes him as robotic as his machines. Will she be able to crack through his tough exterior? This plot follows Maya's struggle as she tries to morph herself to fit into the shoes of her displaced identity, as she makes new friends, adapts in a new place and finally learns to trust again despite the heartbreak it brings. This is a quick and fun read with humour and romance interlacing with each other in a cute way! (PD)

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