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Facelift (2010)

Kaye Redmond has always had a "can do" attitude and was involved in things around her community, until her personal life took a nose dive when her husband, plastic surgeon Cliff, informed her that he was leaving her. For Kaye, it seems that her fairytale world has been destroyed with her Prince Charming a cheating jerk and her ex-mother-in-law definitely fitting the evil queen role. However Kaye's new client, Jack, seems to be her perfect match. Will Kaye settle for second best and go back to Cliff's open arms or will she realise that her actual Prince Charming is just around the corner, holding a single white rose. In a society where life is filled with nips, tucks, surgically enhanced mistresses and monster-in-laws, can Kaye find her happily-ever-after after all? (PP)

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