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Mating Rituals of the North American WASP (2009)

Peggy Adams is surprised to have woken up in a room she doesn't recognise, wearing the clothes she wore the night before. She is even more surprised to see a handsome stranger laying beside her. Immediately, Peggy panics and leaves the room without waking the sleeping stranger, hoping to leave this one night in Vegas behind her. Unfortunately, Peggy receives quite the wake-up call when a man named Luke rings her New York store saying he is her husband. Peggy agrees to Luke's proposal to meet him in Connecticut so that they can get their "quickie" marriage annulled. However, once Abigail Sedgwick hears that the only heir to the Sedgwick name is getting his marriage annulled, she just has to do something about it. So Peggy and Luke are offered a deal they can't refuse: Stay married for one year and get the old, but very valuable Sedgwick house to do with whatever they please. Both Peggy and Luke are in need of the money - Peggy needs to cover the outrageous rent on her store that she owns with her best friend Bex, and Luke has to pay for nursing care for his great-aunt Abigail. So staying married is the only financially savvy option. Soon, Peggy is spending her weekends playing the wife of Luke in Connecticut while living in New York during the week with her boyfriend of seven years, Brock. How long Peggy can keep her stories straight is anyone's guess. Eloquently written with engaging and witty characters, this book will captivate readers as they follow Peggy - a charming heroine despite her faults - on her journey first to marriage and then to true love. (AS)

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