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Exes Anonymous (2005)

It's been months since Patrick broke up with Rebecca but she's still pining for him. Her bedroom is like a shrine to her ex-boyfriend and she thinks she sees him everywhere - even though he's moved to New York. Her best male friend Davey thinks she needs help to get over her Patrick obsession and encourages her to set up an AA-type group called Exes Anonymous. The members include her boss Finn, whose brother has just got engaged to his ex-girlfriend, and best friend Daisy who is struggling to recover from a one-night stand. The perfect tonic for the broken-hearted.

My Lurid Past (2002)

Food publicist Juliet has spent years flitting from guy to guy but she's starting to lose her appetite for brief flings. She has her chances with several cute guys and her friends - dominatrix Mel and married Gillian - can't understand why she'd turn them down. Meanwhile Juliet is busy organising the launch of a TV show hosted by new celebrity chief and lad-about-town Liam and fighting her feelings for a guy she meets at a local watering hole. The characters might be edgy but come across as caricatures.

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