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Someday, Someday, Maybe (2013)

Franny Banks has six months left of a three-year plan to become an actor in New York City. While working towards her big break, she's also waitressing, taking acting classes, and trying not to get swept up in James Franklin, the hottest and most talented guy in her acting class. She is hopeful the upcoming showcase for her acting class will be the springboard to stardom she is looking for. If not, she will be forced to come up with a "Plan B" for her life, which she realises she's not quite prepared to do just yet. Actress Lauren Graham has created some really wonderful characters and given them a storyline that is both fresh and entertaining. The dialogue is brilliant and conveys in great detail Franny's feelings and insecurities about her chosen profession, the people around her, and her life as a twenty-something navigating life. First time is a charm for Ms Graham! (LEK)

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