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A View to a Kilt - Wendy Holden (2019)


What would you do to save a job that you love? Award-winning journalist Laura Lake is ready to do anything, including putting up with her crazy new boss and travelling to Scotland to visit castles and its quirky owners. If she succeeds she will be able to save not only her job, but also Society, the glossy magazine of which she is the editor.
This third novel in the series can also be read as a stand-alone and it's such an entertaining and humorous story. Between haunted castles, a complicated love life, and an old enemy who wants her job, Laura will be kept busy. Surrounded by a cast of quirky characters, she will make you laugh and keep you captivated. (NP)

Rating 8/10

A View to a Kilt is the latest instalment in Wendy Holden's Laura Lake series.
The summary says: "Laura Lake, editor of glamorous glossy magazine Society, is in trouble. Advertising revenues are down, and her job will be in jeopardy if she can't pick them up.
According to those in the know, Scotland is having a fashion moment. Haggis tempura is on Michelin-starred menus, smart spas are offering porridge facials, and a chain of eco-hotels on the sites of Highland Clearances are pulling in star punters. With a view to getting a slice of this ultra-high-end market, Laura's been sent to a baronial estate in Wester Ross to write a think-piece about celebrity bagpipes.
It's supposed to be gorgeous, glitzy, and glamorous. But intrigue follows Laura like night follows day. And at Glenravish Castle - a shooting lodge fit for a billionaire - Laura finds herself hunting for a scoop that won't just save her job, it could save her life." A View to a Kilt is out in April 2019.


Wendy Holden is releasing another novel in her Laura Lake series called Last of the Summer Moet. The summary says: "Laura Lake, deputy editor of glossy mag Society, has been promoted to the hot seat while her boss recovers from 'exhaustion' in rehab. Finally she's in charge, but who can she share the free jollies with?
Not her international glamourpuss BFF Lulu, who's left Knightsbridge for Britain's poshest village. Lulu's busy living the good life at her new pile Riffs, a ex-rock star's ex-country mansion. But not everything in her guitar-shaped garden is lovely; Lulu's attempts to join the hunt, act in the panto and grow the biggest marrow are blocked by the snobbish locals.
Who does she call on for help? Journo extraordinaire, Laura Lake..." Last of the Summer Moet is out in February 2018.


Wendy Holden continues her Laura Lake series with a short story, Laura Lake and the Luxury Press Trip. The summary says: "Laura Lake is the deputy editor of glossy mag Society. She's been asked to write an exclusive on celebrity getaway Coconut Cay, a private paradise belonging to billionaire businessman James Redmond.
When a couple of pompous journalists turn up unexpectedly, scuppering Laura's chances of an exclusive, she decides to enjoy the glittering sea and golden Caribbean sands instead. But Laura soon discovers that the hi-tech, haute luxe, seven-star comfort of Coconut Cay hides some dark secrets. And she's determined to get the scoop before her rivals." Laura Lake and the Luxury Press Trip is out in July 2017.


Laura Lake And The Hipster Weddings - Wendy Holden (2017)

aka Three Weddings and a Scandal

Laura Lake works in Paris for an estate agency but she dreams of becoming a journalist like her father. And when she gets the opportunity to be an intern for the glamorous magazine Society, she takes the first train to London. But her new life doesn’t go as planned when her money is stolen and she has to sleep in the office closet and borrow clothes from the fashion department. In addition, her arch-enemy from boarding school is her new boss and she seems intent on making sure that Laura’s life at the magazine is short-lived. From becoming friends with party girl Lulu to kissing Prince Henry lookalikes, from going to high-society weddings to investigating a series of jewellery thefts along with handsome investigative journalist Harry, Laura’s life becomes more and more interesting.
Laura Lake is smart, ambitious and resourceful, although a bit naive, but the character I loved most is her grandmother Mimi whose snippets of advice on how to be a perfect lady are simply brilliant. The novel is hilarious and entertaining as Laura finds herself in absurd and unlikely situations. A cast of colourful and eccentric characters create an intriguing and fast-paced novel, perfect if you are looking for an easy and funny read. (NP)

Rating 7/10

Wendy Holden is launching a new series with the novel, Laura Lake and the Hipster Weddings, about a hapless would-be journalist going undercover at society weddings. The summary says: "She'll need a triple-barrelled name for the castle one. She'll need a gallon of glitter for the woodland one. She'll need a lobster-shaped hat for the Shoreditch one.
Laura Lake longs to be a journalist. Instead she's an unpaid intern at a glossy magazine - sleeping in the fashion cupboard and living on canapes. But she's just got her first big break: infiltrate three society weddings and write a juicy expose. Security will be tighter than a bodycon dress, but how hard can it be? Cue disappearing brides, demanding socialites - and a jealous office enemy who will do anything to bring her down."

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