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Ex and the Single Girl (2005)

Ever since Peter's sudden disappearance on Valentine's Day, Portia Fallon has been drowning in misery, filling her life with nothing other than reruns of Pride and Prejudice, and putting her dissertation on hold. For the Fallon women have a big problem when it comes to relationships - they can't keep men around for long. Portia's dad ran away from home when she was young, and even her grandmother and aunt had the same problem. When Portia is asked to go back home to Georgia for the summers to help out with the bookstore, little did she know that her family was trying to set her up with a fling, gorgeous British novelist Ian Beckett, to help her move on with her life and forget about Peter. But when she realises that she's falling hard for Ian, he tells her that all he wants is just to be friends. Things start to get messy when her dad comes back into the picture, her mum gets arrested and Peter unexpectedly returns. (XT)

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