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The Scent of Rain (2012)

Daphne leaves behind her job at a perfume factory in Paris to start a new life in the US. But then on the morning of her wedding she is dumped at the altar. Daphne finds herself in the middle of a new town - Dayton, Ohio, in a rundown house and working as "a nose" for a laundry company. And to make matters worse, she has lost the one thing she has perfected all her life - her sense of smell. Now Daphne must fake her way through her new job and finds herself falling for her new boss Jesse - a single father. Can Daphne prove to Jesse that she is more than just "a nose" and that even though she lied to protect herself, she cares for him?
The Scent of Rain shows that sometimes in order to start a fresh new life, you have to sacrifice or lose something of yourself in order to grow. (PP)

A Billion Reasons Why (2011)

Every girl wants to meet her Prince Charming, settle down with him and eventually have a family. For Katie McKenna, an Irish New Orleans girl, her dream guy was Luc and eight years ago, she asked him in front of a crowd to marry her. But he turned her down. Now Katie is about to be engaged to Dexter - he is what you would call her fallback guy. But can he offer her the one thing she wants most - love? When Luc turns up at Katie's work with a proposal, Katie is left with a big decision. Can Luc provide Katie with a billion reasons why she shouldn't marry Dexter or is Katie worried about another broken heart? (PP)

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