Knit the Season - Kate Jacobs (2009)

This third instalment of The Friday Night Knitting Club takes us back to Walker and Daughter for the holidays. College-age Dakota Walker is struggling to find her way in the world. Torn between her blossoming career as a pastry chef and the future of the Upper West Side knitting store started by her mother, Georgia, Dakota struggles with having the life she wants while still remaining true to her mother's dream. Hoping to land an internship in the kitchen of the "V" hotel during the holidays, Dakota is stunned when her father, James, tells her he's planned for the whole family to spend Christmas in Scotland with her great-grandmother. As much as she wants to be with family for the holidays, she doesn't want to miss the opportunity for the internship, which would give her great career experience. At the same time, her head is also spinning with the news that her father has a new girlfriend and Peri, the knitting store manager, may be leaving Walker and Daughter for a new career. Dakota realises what it means to be a grown-up and has to make choices that will shape her future. This is a delightfully warm tale of family ties, the strength of friendships, and making tough life choices, and will no doubt put you in the holiday spirit. (LEK)


Congratulations to the winners of our Kate Jacobs' Knit competition. Lisa, of British Columbia, Canada; Sherri, of North Carolina; and Kimberley, of Maryland, all win a preview copy of Knit the Season and a paperback of Knit Two. Happy reading ladies!

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