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Paris Hangover (2006)

Lauren Klein has the perfect life it seems. She is a successful artist, has a great, rich boyfriend, and lives an enviable and fabulous life filled with designer clothes and glamorous parties. But as her fifth anniversary with her boyfriend comes and goes she begins to realise the cracks in her life. Her boyfriend, whom she loves, refuses to have children with her even though that is the one thing in life she desperately wants. She begins to realise how heavily she is relying on him when she always planned to be an independent woman. In a crazy and flamboyant gesture, she flees her home of New York (and her show-stopping Tribeca triplex) and moves to Paris. Paris, which has always harboured her addiction, French men. When she arrives she finds herself lying to obtain lodging, a seven-floor walk-up, and attempting to restart her artistic career in a new city, while also trying to appreciate and get her fill of the French men surrounding her. This is a witty book filled with romance, designer clothing, sexy French men, broken hearts, and the struggle one must go through to discover who you really are. (SN)

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