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Pop Tart (2009)

Jackie O'Reilly was born into a Hollywood family, yet her parents always discouraged her from going into a Hollywood career. They'd seen it all too often - the pitfalls of fame taking down one weak celebrity at a time. But Jackie still wants to be in with the "it" crowd, go to all the hottest parties and know all the hottest people. After dropping out of college, Jackie gets a job at a make-up store in LA, while waiting for her big break. When her boss gets into a scandal and can't make one of their scheduled events, Jackie is told to go alone to represent the company. Doing the make-up of up-and-coming star Brooke Parker and a few twists of fate brings Jackie into a whole new world. Brooke wants Jackie to be her one and only make-up artist and accompany her on tour, to concerts and even to the hottest events in town. As Jackie and Brooke develop a friendship, they hop from party to party and get in more trouble for their wild antics than one could imagine. Unable to resist all the temptations of drugs, alcohol binges and all-night parties, the world of Hollywood's glitz and glamour starts to take its toll on one of the world's fastest rising pop stars and Brooke starts to unravel, with Jackie pretty close to unravelling herself. Brooke misses being able to go out without paparazzi following her every move and starts to rebel - in very dangerous ways. With no one to really look out for her - Brooke's manager sees her as a money pot more than a person - Jackie is the only one she can turn to. When Jackie loses her job for looking out for Brooke's wellbeing, she is forced to really think about where her true loyalties lie: with Brooke, whose world she has been consumed by, or with herself who she has been neglecting. This novel is about finding out who you truly are in a world where everyone is fake. It is a fun and wild ride through the rise and ultimate fall of one of the world's most famous pop stars. Kaye has been a make-up artist to the stars, while Coplin works in the LA media. (AS)

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