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How We Met (2013)

There are some people you can't imagine life without... This novel opens with the death of Liv who, in her late twenties, seems to have everything going for her. We follow the lives of her friends as they try to come to terms with her death whilst simultaneously trying to get on with their lives which is proving to be rather difficult. Fraser, Liv's boyfriend, is in a rebound relationship and filming Tena lady adverts. Mia is a single mother debating whether to take her son's father back. Melody and Norman are a couple in trouble and Anna is living her life through a new man each week. The characters in this book are quite hard to sympathise with, meaning ultimately you don't really care what happens to them and their actions are frustrating. There are situations that should be full of emotion however that doesn't come through leaving you feeling rather cold and cheated. However the message this book carries is an important one, it teaches you life is made for living and nothing should ever get in the way of your dreams and, at the end of the day, friendship is one of the most important things in life. (LL)

The One Before The One (2010)

Caroline Steele is 32, super-organised, with a great job, and happily single (by choice). Aside from the fact that she can't move on from her ex-fiance who she dumped before the wedding; her teenage half-sister has landed on her door for the summer looking for guidance; and she's in love with her married co-worker, Caroline has no problems at all... So how can she move on to find "The One"? The characters in this story are all fabulously written and completely relatable, the fantastic one-liners and great mix of humour, romance and heartbreak keep you hooked and wanting more!! Totally un-put-down-able, and highly recommended! (AT)

One Thing Led to Another (2009)

This is based on the author's real life experiences and Marie Claire column. Magazine writer Tess, 28, discovers she's pregnant to her best male friend Jim. He is more than happy to be part of the baby's life but it doesn't mean they are going to finally become a couple. Then her sexy ex, Laurence, reappears in her life but how will he react to news of her pregnancy? A promising debut - full of believable emotions and genuine humour - about two friends and a complicated situation.

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