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Groundswell (2011)

Emma Guthrie was glad to be out of Kentucky and living in New York with her best friend, Lily. However, things go a bit sour when she loses her college scholarship. She's devastated but decides not to tell her family for fear of them assuming she is a failure. After applying for numerous PA positions and hearing nothing back, she is ecstatic to receive a job offer on one of the hottest movie sets around. Yes, the hours are gruelling and the work slave-like, but it's still amazing to see how things work behind the scenes, especially for an aspiring screenwriter like Emma. As an added bonus, Emma soon gets the attention of Hollywood's biggest movie star, Garrett Walker. Though the other PAs warn her that he is a womaniser and he tends to go for the new girls on set, Emma finds herself falling for his charms. Before she knows it, she is embarking on a whirlwind romance with the actor that every girl dreams about. When he asks her to marry him, Emma feels like she has finally found her perfect match, despite him being 16 years her senior. Over the next seven years, everything is bliss. Their relationship is great, and Emma is living the high life of awards shows, velvet ropes and excruciatingly high heels. She's even managed to write a screenplay which was turned into a summer blockbuster. But that is all about to change when Emma and Garrett attend the Met Gala. Emma has accidentally grabbed Garrett's iPhone in her rush out the door, so when Garrett receives a text from another woman asking him to meet her in the auditorium, Emma knows something is up. She's not prepared for what she finds though, and that one text destroys her entire world. What is a girl to do when your marriage isn't what you thought and you're married to an international celebrity? In Emma's case, the answer is to take off to a secluded location where she can be alone and think, instead of being hounded by the paparazzi. Mexico is her desired spot to relax and evaluate her life, but somehow Emma finds she is drawn to the calming waves of the ocean - and the gorgeous surfer who is surfing them every morning. Can Emma find love again, in a place she least expects it or will it all lead her to another heartbreak? This is a compelling debut by a celebrity author, the former Mrs Billy Joel who has forged a career as a television chef. It's told in a way that makes you feel bad for both Emma and Garrett - even though he is the villain in the story. Definitely exceeding expectations, it's a fun and frothy summer beach read. (AS)

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