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How to Love (2013)

Reena has always been in love with childhood friend Sawyer. Even while he was dating her best friend Allie. But one day Sawyer takes off, without saying goodbye. And then three years later, out of the blue, he blows back into town again. Reena is now 18 and has had to cancel her dreams of college, of becoming a travel writer, to bring up their daughter Hannah. Although she has a new boyfriend, now Sawyer is back will Reena be able to resist the lure of her first love? This enchanting debut novel is told through two timeframes - before, when Reena first gets with Sawyer and after, when he returns home. Although sometimes it felt like the story was dragging, it is still a beautifully written tale about the heartbreak of tainted love and is well worth a read even for people who don't normally seek out stories about teenagers.

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