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Stiletto Safari (2012)

Zara Hamilton pretty much has it all - a great job as a corporate lawyer in New York plus a seriously gorgeous boyfriend. The course of her life changes in one day when her man, Nick, is arrested for insider trading and she is implicated. Zara's world tumbles around her as she is then escorted from her fancy legal office and told not to return for six months until matters blow over. And worse still, the man she thought she loved disappears and won't take her calls. With the help of some friends, Zara flees her troubles and lands herself in Africa of all places, volunteering at an animal reserve. Minutes after her arrival she realises that the slinky black dresses and the snakeskin stilettos she's packed probably won't get much use out in the middle of the plains of Africa. Life on the reserve becomes more interesting when arrogant Hamish arrives but is he really into her or does he still lust after his elegant supermodel ex-girlfriend who is coming to do a photo shoot at the reserve for Vogue magazine? At the end of it all, will Zara really want her old corporate life back or has she been changed forever in the wilderness of Africa. An impressive debut. (LF)

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