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In the Bag (2012)

Professional chef Daisy is taking her teenage daughter CoCo to Paris as an early graduation gift. CoCo is happy to go on the trip but that suddenly changes when she picks up the wrong bag at the airport. She can't have fun in Paris with a bag full of boys clothing. Daisy just wants a nice trip with her daughter that doesn't include dealing with her moodiness over the bag mix-up. She has her own worries including not having a job and dealing with a creep who slipped a note into her bag after spilling wine on her on the plane. Andrew has brought his teenage son Webb with him to Madrid while he works on an art installation. He wants to keep his son away from computer and video games. He realises this will be impossible since Webb picked up the wrong bag from the airport and is spending the whole trip on the hotel computer trying to track down his bag. It isn't helping Andrew that he's dealing with a demanding coordinator at the art museum and he can't get the woman that he spilled wine on out of his head. He hopes she e-mails him after he left a charming note in her bag to apologize. CoCo can't believe her luck when she gets an e-mail from the person who has her bag and he wants to meet in Paris to swap bags. Should she meet this stranger who she is exchanging flirty e-mails with or is he a pervert posing as a teenage boy? Webb is concocting a plan to get to Paris and retrieve his bag while not letting on to his father. The girl of his dreams may have his bag and he cannot let his father stop him from meeting her. This is a fun story about four very different people thrown together due to a lost bag. The story is told from four different points of view and set in two great cities. This is an enjoyable read with a unique take on chance encounters. (AR)

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