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Trouble (2009)

Psychotherapist Josie lives a comfortable life in Manhattan with her husband Anthony and adopted daughter Wendy. But when she finds herself chatting up a younger man, she's overwhelmed with relief and happiness as it suddenly dawns on her that her marriage is over. She wanted a life filled with passion and excitement, everything that Anthony failed to provide. Her college friend, Raquel, a LA rock star, has just had her heart broken by a younger man who, unknown to her, had a pregnant girlfriend, and now her reputation is on the verge of being destroyed by the negative publicity. Together, the two best friends Raquel and Josie flee to Mexico City to get away from their messed-up lives. A great story about women redefining themselves and taking risks to get the life they truly desire, as they deal with changes and choices, and remember the importance of friendship. (XT)

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