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Melting Ms Frost (2013)

Redhead Annabel Frost is known for her tough exterior. She loves her job as manager of one of the city's most popular restaurants, Cluny's, and knows how to use her power to get the work done. That is until Annabel meets the devastatingly handsome and unbelievably blunt Aidan. He became barman while Annabel was away for a short while and now she is back, she can't bear to be under the same roof with him. As much as Annabel wants to stay away from Aidan, he wants to get up, close and personal with her. When I got this novel for review, Kat Black warned me "It's hot" and trust me it is indeed. It's not just a romance, it's a slow, ravishing and utterly blissful teasefest which indeed gets pretty dirty. My advice to the author, feel free to get even dirtier next time. (SS)

Second Opinion

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