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Falling Out of Fashion (2007)

There's not denying this book's similarities to chick lit classic The Devil Wears Prada - especially with its tagline of "it's a devil of a business". But the heroine this time is a super glamorous, independently minded editor Jill White, the founder of Jill magazine. With her namesake magazine now owned by Nestrom Media, Jill enters into an intense power struggle with chief executive Ellen and new publisher Liz after being told that due to falling ad sales, Jill is about to undergo a major redesign. Concerned about selling out her readers, Jill fights back against attempts to make the magazine more mainstream. With an interesting back story about her upbringing on a Georgian commune and her start on teen magazine Cheeky, this definitely puts a new spin on stories set in the magazine publishing world. (Yampolsky obviously drew on her experiences as a former assistant to editor Jane Pratt of Jane magazine.)

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