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Easily Amused (2010)

Lola Watson finds herself a homeowner when a relative she barely knows dies and leaves her house to her. Even though her best friend hints that she should sell the house and buy a condo, Lola decides she wants her independence and wants to be a homeowner. She soon finds herself regretting the new house when her neighbours won't stop butting their noses into her business. Her high school best friend, who she hasn't been as close to recently, shows up to crash with her after his love life falls apart. As if this wasn't bad enough, her younger sister announces she's getting married on Lola's 30th birthday. Lola knows this is no coincidence and that her sister just wants to humiliate her. She knows she needs to counteract what her sister has planned for her and when she meets gorgeous Ryan she thinks he may be the answer to her problem. The real answer to Lola's problem may be even closer than she realises. This is a cute story with a very funny cast of characters. Lola's neighbours will keep you laughing while Lola figures out what's really important in a lasting relationship. (AR)

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