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Lois Lane Tells All (2010)

Meet Susan who has a healthy obsession with Lois Lane and Superman. She has taken care of her father since she was little and has called the town of Glory home all her life. Susan works as editor of the Glory Newspaper, where she meets Mark (Clark Kent perhaps?). Mark's job is to make the paper profitable so he presents a plan for how to improve the paper. Susan then counters with her own plan that he agrees to. Now let the mayhem begin! Susan creates controversy with her story about the Baptist Bake-Off and then mysterious events start occurring. Susan's brakes are cut on her jeep and someone drills a hole in her boat. This sees the Murder Mystery club- a group from the assisted living home - put on their CSI caps to figure out who did it. Will they be successful? Will Mark and Susan get together? This is the second book in the Talk of the Town series set in the North Carolina town (Mark is Roxie's sister). (JG)

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