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In the Mirror (2014)

Jennifer had it all - a loving family, two beautiful children and her own business until she started feeling ill after her second child and discovered she had cancer. The story takes place in Shady Cove, a cancer treatment centre, and shows how Jennifer feels she has lost everything and has become distant from her family. Then her first love Alex turns up and he gives Jennifer a small inkling of hope, lust and revitalisation. I was wondering whether husband Henry was distant from Jennifer because he was having an affair with the nanny but that topic never came up and I loved her son Hank - he was such a cutie. In The Mirror is not only a story about cancer, it is also a romance with suspense as we discover that sometimes our fantasies aren't all that they are cracked up to be and if we aren't careful our decisions can lead to danger. If you are wanting a contemporary romance with a touch of edginess and don't mind the emotional theme, then you will love In the Mirror as much as I did. (PP)

Here, Home, Hope (2011)

Kelly Johnson is your classic stay-at-home mum. She has two boys and an attorney husband. The only problem is that the boys are away for the summer. Kelly misses them so much she becomes depressed and doesn't know what she will do with her time. Little did she know that her life is about to become busier. Her realtor friend, Charlotte, asks Kelly to help her stage a house for sale. Then her other friend, Kathryn, asks her to take care of her anorexic daughter. Kelly takes both challenges in stride and learns that she likes home staging and is thrilled with the chance to help her friend's daughter. These experiences make for a very eventful summer. With central themes of midlife crisis and how to deal with challenges, I found this story to be very positive and uplifting. (JG)

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