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Persuade Me (2011)

Anna Elliot has never got over her first love Rick Wentworth, the man who her family made her give up as he wasn't good enough for her. Rick moved to Australia where he became a successful researcher, documentary star and author of Sex in the Sea and looked as if he got over Anna. When Rick goes to the UK on a book tour, and the two past lovers cross paths, will they be able to persuade one another to forget the past and create a future together? This is a retelling of the Jane Austen novel Persuasion in a contemporary setting. It works really well as it brings all the quirky and loveable supporting characters of an Austen novel into a modern chick lit story. Persuade Me doesn't feel like it is a retelling of a story, none of the storylines are clumsy or felt like they'd been shoe-horned in. It was a really enjoyable read; it had all the warmth of an Austen novel with the easiness-to-read of chick lit which is a winning combination in my book! (AB)

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