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Revenge of the Cube Dweller (2014)

Tanzie has left behind her glamorous life in Houston, Texas, and her role as a country club wife to a successful executive after being replaced with a younger model. So at 52, Tanzie is resuming her career as an internal auditor. Starting at ground level at a gas company in Oklahoma, she soon discovers she is working for imbeciles who undermine her and won't acknowledge her abilities. Exploiting the company's security flaws, Tanzie soon uncovers a major fraud and realises how negligent her management really are. I loved every second of this book, how Tanzie turned super-sleuth and outsmarted her bosses on every level. Written by an internal auditor and fraud examiner, the details all add up, making for an enjoyable reading experience right from the intriguing first chapter. Would love to see a Tanzie Lewis sequel.

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