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For Better or Worse (2009)

Emily is marrying ambitious money manager Parker at a big summer wedding in New York. She is hoping her best friends Elizabeth and Karen will soon follow her down the aisle. But Elizabeth, who is still carrying the humiliation of being left at the altar, isn't so sure that boyfriend Nick is the one for her. As a painter who abandoned that world to become a money manager, she is instead drawn to one of the wedding guests, Ian, a Scottish artist. Playwrights Karen and Robert are planning on getting married but her divorced parents are proving to be a big problem. Meanwhile Emily finds that married life isn't the happily-ever-after she dreamt of.

Project Jennifer (2008)

For secretary Joan Benjamin, bad things not only come in threes, but also in the form of Jennifer. In just one week, she sees her ex-fiance Michael marry another woman, loses her cushy job and is forced out of her apartment. All because of women named Jennifer. For Joan, who at 30 still hasn't settled down with a man or career, it's enough to make her want to be someone else - someone called Jennifer. So she embarks on a new persona, striving to become a thinner, sexier, more composed, successful woman - just like all those perfect Jennifers with the world at their feet. But at what cost to her true self? An enjoyable debut about a grown woman still trying to find her way - before she earns herself a bad name.

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