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Mandatory Release (2013)

Graham and Drew were high school friends who met up again after years of disillusionment where love is concerned. This time around they meet up at work - a prison no less, where they are both employed. Graham is still trying to deal with his disability and Drew is reeling from a broken heart. The attraction they feel for each other is confusing and so they just keep plodding onward through the hurt until they find their way - to who knows where and to whom?? I thought this book was awesome! The sense of humour was rather warped but I could not help but laugh in spite of the circumstances. I really liked the characters, they were just people trying to find some type of "normal" in their twisted world. Drew and Graham were by far my favs, so sad for them, having to deal with situations that were not entirely of their making. I would absolutely recommend this book, which is about rolling with the punches and dealing with life the best way we can. (KARM)

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