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Like Sweet Potato Pie (2012)

In this second book in the Southern Fried Sushi series, Shiloh was living the fast life until one day she was fired after being accused of plagiarism. Now she's stocking shelves at the local Barnes and Noble. When her mother passes away, Shiloh inherits her house in Staunton, Virginia. Seeing this as an opportunity to escape, Shiloh high-tails it to Staunton with plans to re-vamp the house and sell it and then restart her former life in Japan. However, with Shiloh being away for the past seven years, she is about to get a culture shock as she goes from city life to redneckville. Can Shiloh keep to her original plan to renovate and sell the house and leave - or will she find herself attached to a local in the form of Adam? Meanwhile her half sister Ashley is contesting that half the profits should be hers and she's willing to play dirty to get her hands on the money. (PP)

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