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Here Kitty Kitty (2004)

As Lee puts it, her life is a pint of raspberries - alluring and glamorous on the top but when spilled into the strainer, they bare blackened, decaying undersides. To many, she has the perfect job of managing a classy restaurant, a sugar daddy Yves who supports her financially, and lives the carefree life of partying and clubbing. In actual fact, her life has been a series of struggles and grief. Her mother's death has always been the bane of her existence, and she has stopped trying to realise her artist dreams. When she meets Kelly, who's trying to reconstruct his life after the death of his good friend, Lee starts to realise that escapism is not the solution to all her problems, and begins to piece together the broken parts in her life. A bittersweet story of a young woman's life in New York, the glitzy and the dark sides of it all; it's like taking an emotional rollercoaster. (XT)

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