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Prime Time (2011)

Laura Meredith never thought she would be on television. In fact she feels too old, flabby and suffers from PMT which isn't helped by worrying about her son adjusting to life with her as a single parent after her husband, Daniel, leaves her for a younger, thinner woman. Things begin to change for Laura after her best friend, Charlotte, convinces her to go on a daytime TV show to talk about her PMT. Suddenly Laura is asked to appear on another TV show which sees her being filmed as she reinvents herself. As time passes, Laura begins to wonder if she could also make things work with a younger partner.
Meanwhile her son Stanley is having difficulties at school, while Charlotte and Roger begin to have difficulties in their marriage. Can she help put all this to rights whilst continuing to hold down her regular job and complete the filming?
This enjoyable, funny book keeps you wanting to read on whilst providing you with a few laughs. (LM)

Perfect Alibis (2003)

Bored housewife Stephanie takes on a job at Madeleine's recruitment company. But PA actually stands for Perfect Alibis, which offers a service to unfaithful women. Even Stephanie is tempted herself when her ex, Troy, returns to town after his mother's death. The best bit: the ingenious explanations given to get the cheating women out of some very sticky situations.

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