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She's Gone Country - Jane Porter (2010)

Shey Darcy, a former supermodel, lived the perfect life in New York City with her dreamy photographer husband and three sons. Shey's life is shattered when one of her brothers passes away and her husband decides he is gay. Shey moves back with her sons to her mother's dilapidated ranch in Texas, where she struggles to find her old self. She soon comes face to face with Dane Kelly, the man who broke her heart years ago. The sparks still exist between the two, however, Dane is adamant not to move their relationship to the next level. This is a well-written novel about a woman who fights for her family and believes in second chances. (AO)

Odd Mom Out (2007)

Advertising executive Marta Zinsser has moved from New York to Seattle to start a new agency and be nearer her mother who has Alzheimers disease. Her nine-year-old daughter Eva, who she conceived through donor sperm, really wants to fit in with the popular crowd in their affluent suburb (where people will behave better at breakfast if the Gates are nearby). Eva believes it would help if Marta was a bit more like the other immaculately groomed mums who are so involved in their children's school. Marta, who feels more comfortable in jeans and combat boots, joins in some of the PTA activities but struggles to keep up as well as run her agency, Z Design. Marta also believes she doesn't need a man but she soon runs into the irresistible Luke Flynn on her morning jog. A very convincing story about a working mother's relationship with her daughter, the pitfalls in the pursuit of popularity and why you should be leader of your own pack.

Flirting With Forty (2006)

This book is the story of a newly single mum who finds herself on holiday in Hawaii alone for her 40th birthday. Surfing lessons and a flirtation with the sexy surf instructor, Kai, ignites sparks Jackie doesn't anticipate and she finds her life changes in ways she never expected. She now has to make decisions about her future that could bring her the happiness she longs for but could risk everything else she cares about. I really liked Jackie and found her to be an easy character to relate to. There were major similarities in Jackie's life to mine that I found a little unnerving but the story was very easy to get into. The relationship between Jackie and Kai was sweet, exciting and refreshing and I was rooting for them to overcome the obstacles to get together. If you are looking for a story that is a little different than the typical girl meets boy and enjoy characters who have baggage and life experiences, then this book should be at the top of your reading list. (SH)

The Frog Prince (2005)

Once upon a time, there was a girl by the name of Holly Bishop who married the man of her dreams, Jean-Marcus. Or so she thought. Ten months later Holly is divorced after her Prince Charming ended up being a toad. Now Holly is hoping to start with a clean slate and begin writing the next chapter of her life. She moves to San Francisco where she gets a job as an event planner. No matter how hard Holly has tried to steer away from the fairytales of life, in her job she is faced with a fairy godmother for a boss and wicked witches in the corporate world who are trying to sabotage her every move. When she is pushed back into the dating pond, Holly realises that in order to find her happily-ever after, she has to kiss a lot of frogs. (PP)

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