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Star Struck (2011)

Skye's life comes crashing down when she loses her fiance, her best friend and her memory in a car crash. The once confident actress will barely leave the house and her only company is friend Felix and Falling Skies, the sci-fi series. When Felix persuades Skye to attend the Falling Skies convention with him, the only thing that gets her to Nevada is the possibility that she's going to meet her idol, the star of the show. While confronting her fears of the outside world at the convention, she meets Jack Whittaker, the moody writer of the show. She discovers she isn't the only one who is trying to get away from her past. The two of them try to fight their attraction to each other with too many problems of their own to pick up each others but will they be able to continue to fight it? Set against the backdrop of a geeky sci-fi convention, it isn't your run-of-the-mill chick lit setting when it comes to celebrities, which is definitely part of the charm. The scenario works well for the characters staying on top of one another, and there is a great supporting cast of super fans. Although it is a little similar to the plot of Jane's last novel Please Don't Stop the Music, where the two main characters are trying to run away from their past, it is still an enjoyable read as the secrets are teased out until the end. (AB)

Please Don't Stop the Music (2011)

Jemima is on the run from her past trying to make ends meet making and selling jewellery. But her endeavours look set to fail when the scary Saskia stops stocking it in her shop. After a lucky encounter, Jemima starts to supply her jewellery to a tiny music shop run by the mysterious Ben. Jemima seems to be the only person in the world who doesn't know that Ben was in the successful band Willow Down until he fled and quit. As the two of them get closer, they grow further apart too, afraid to reveal their secrets and trust each other. Written well, the diary entries from Ben so you get into his head are a nice touch. Quirky and dark in places, the secrets in this keep you gripped right from the start. (AB)

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