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This is Where We Live (2010)

LA film-maker Claudia and musician Jeremy have found her dream home with canyon views. With her film about to be released to rave reviews and his band on the brink of a recording deal, it seems their lives are about to become more settled. But as the global financial crisis bites - and their careers take several unexpected hits - their housing loan repayments double. Suddenly the couple are in danger of losing their home. As Claudia, desperate to hold on to the house, takes on a teaching job, Jeremy is wondering whatever happened to his free-spirited wife. Right from the opening sequence of an earthquake, this is a timely tale which explores how a creative couple are tested - financially, morally and emotionally - when the foundations of their lives together are rocked to the core.

All We Ever Wanted Was Everything (2008)

Janice Miller is dizzy with excitement when she learns of the meteoric rise of her husband's company IPO shares. As she recalls the early years of marriage, of living in tiny apartments and coping with the stresses of miscarriages, Janice is comforted by how everything is going to be fine from this moment onwards - they have finally secured an even better life for daughters, Lizzie and Margaret. But all her hopes are shattered when she receives a divorce letter from Paul. And if knowing that he's having an affair with her tennis partner Beverly isn't enough, Janice finds out he doesn't plan on giving her a share of the $300 million. Lizzie, her younger daughter, is swarmed by boys after her recent weight loss and recent fling with the star of Fillmore High's swimming team. But the line between right and wrong becomes faint, as she revels in her newfound popularity. Margaret, after receiving Lizzie's call about their father's decision to divorce, finally returns home from Los Angeles. Having accumulated debts through her feminist magazine Snatch, she tries to hold up a brave front, hiding the problems from her family. Always regarded as the smart one in the family, Margaret fears they will be disappointed if her messed-up life is exposed. Set in Silicon Valley, this is a painfully realistic portrayal of how an affluent family deals with an unexpected divorce. (XT)

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