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Searching for Tina Turner (2010)

Lena Spencer appears to have the perfect life. Her gorgeous husband, Randall, is rich, successful and makes sure she wants for nothing, including a beautiful home and luxury cars. She dotes on her two beautiful children, Kendrick and Camille, even though they are almost grown and out on their own. Even Lena would admit that she has led a charmed life. However, she still feels something is missing. Her own life has been put on the back burner to care for her family, to the point that she no longer knows who she is. When she tries to tell her husband she would like to get back into photography, he essentially tells her she's lucky to have the life that she does and to stop behaving like a child. Drawing on inspiration from her idol, Tina Turner, Lena decides it's time to figure out who she really is after more than two decades of being known simply as Randall's wife. Although I found the author's writing style a little hard to follow, this story will inspire all who read it to follow their passion. (LEK)

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