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Marrying Up (2005)

Newspaper obituaries writer Holly Hastings - a compulsive therapy user - writes her own obituary and is less than impressed to find she's going to die alone at 85. Inspired by the Marilyn Monroe movie How to Marry a Millionaire, she decides to do just that and write a book on the topic. Honing her search to some of America's most wealthy regions, she and best friend George arrive in San Francisco (home of most millionaires under 50) and start dating two rich men. But they find that money doesn't necessarily buy love.

Slim Chance (2003)

Evie's determined to lose weight for her wedding to long-time boyfriend Bruce, especially after she picks up a Vera Wang gown at a sample sale. She only needs to drop 40, maybe 50 pounds to fit into her dream dress. So the self-absorbed Evie hits the gym, starts dieting like mad and spends up big on making the most of her new look. But Bruce doesn't seem to like the slimmed-down Evie. Is she about to lose more than a few dress sizes?

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