Irresistible Refrain - Michelle Mankin (2013)

This first book in the Tempest series kicks off with three children, Lace, Dizzy and Bryan, growing up as the best of friends, with Lace and Bryan having this Cinderella and Prince Charming type of relationship going on. Then tragedy strikes and the threesome are split up until at high school Bryan's best friend Warren, aka War, stakes his claim on Lace. Years later, Bryan, War and Dizzy are in rock band Tempest and troubled Lace falls back into a relationship with War. When cracks start appearing, is this the time for Bryan to tell Lace that he has never stopped loving her? Irresistible Refrain is one of those music/love stories that not only shows the dangers of love when it becomes an obsession but also behind the scenes of the rock'n'roll world, including sex, drugs and manipulation. (PP)

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