In Bloom - Katie Delahanty (2014)

Olivia Bloom took a huge risk when she moved from Pittsburgh to LA to start fresh and it hasn't been easy. On the up side she has made some great friends in her new neighbours, Parker and Blair, but jobs are tough to come by and unless you're somebody you're kind of invisible. When Olivia meets her favourite rock star, Berkeley Dalton, lead singer of Berkeley and The Brightside, outside a restroom when she is working for a PR company, she can't believe he even talks to her. She's even more shocked when she and Blair are invited to a party at his house later on and he remembers their first disastrous encounter. It definitely appears as if Berkeley is interested in Olivia but he plays it so cool that it's hard to know for sure. Olivia can't see why Berkeley would be interested in her - especially when he's got a gorgeous girlfriend in actress Lisa Greene. Will she ever get the chance to actually be with him? This is an unforgettable story that is guaranteed to make you swoon. Berkeley is hotness personified. He's got the whole package and his sweet personality and devotion to Olivia is so romantic you'll wish you could move to LA and meet his real-life counterpart. The funny tweets at the start of each chapter only add to the appeal of the story. Trust me, you do not want to miss this stellar debut where a normal girl with a psychic mom meets the A-list rock star who is going to tip her world on its axis. (AS)

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