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Ambition (2010)

The follow-up to Tease, this focuses on burlesque star Tiger Starr's daughter, Sienna. She is also a Las Vegas showgirl who has just landed a spot in the Follies' new show, Venus in Furs, headlined by the bitchy Brandy. Brandy is confronted by an unwanted blast from her past - namely her twin brother Paolo looking to reconcile. The story's villainess arranges for her brother to be run out of town before she goes on holiday to have some extensive nips and tucks. But Paolo hangs around, stepping into Brady's dancing shoes and masquerading as his sister. Meanwhile Sienna is dating millionaire Max Power but is unaware that his gambling is getting him deeper into debt. And she is also unaware that dancing colleague Paige is actually torn up by jealousy and that her sweet act is only a front. The Brandy-Paolo plot may come across as totally OTT but for bonkbuster lovers, you'll enjoy finding out what happens in Vegas behind the scenes of a showgirls show.

Tease (2009)

This debut novel from a well-known British burlesque dancer follows in the traditions of a Jackie Collins bonkbuster. It is about - you guessed it - a burlesque dancer named Tiger Starr who is at the top of her game. She has adoring fans around the world, beautiful outfits, money to burn and countless sexual encounters. However in her shadowy, cut-throat world, she has created a number of enemies. Someone is stalking Tiger and leaving threatening letters about exposing her past life before she became a star. As her whole facade starts crumbling, Tiger is offered her dream of starring in a Vegas show. Can she put aside her fears to present the show she has waited for her whole life or will she lose everything she has worked for? A sexy and intriguing novel, you won't find out who is out to get Tiger until the last chapter. (PP)

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