Losing Hope - Colleen Hoover (2013)

In the second book in the Hopeless series (don't read on if you haven't read Hopeless as this has spoilers), the story picks up where Sky has discovered that she is in fact Hope - the girl who went missing 13 years before from her father's house and that the guy she has fallen in love with, Dean Holder, was her childhood friend. This sequel flips from Sky's point of view to Dean's. What I liked about this book is that it adds pieces of the past story, such as while Hopeless started a year after Leslie has committed suicide, in Losing Hope it begins from the day before Leslie committed suicide and then briefly the year between Leslie's death to the day Holder first moved back to town and saw Hope, aka Sky, in the grocery store. Fans of Hopeless will enjoy this and perhaps find themselves falling for Dean Holder even more. (PP)

Hopeless - Colleen Hoover (2012)

Sky Davies has had a pretty sheltered life and can't remember anything apart from snippets from her life before she was adopted by Karen when she was five. Karen has strict rules, including homeschooling Sky, until Sky makes a request that for her senior year, she attend public school. Unfortunately for Sky, it will be anything but easy due to her best friend Six's loose reputation. But with Six being in Italy on an exchange, Sky finds friends in Breckin, a gay Mormon. She runs into Dean Holder at the grocery store - a guy who seems to have about five different personality types. She finds herself not only attracted to him but also scared of him as he is the most intense person she has ever met. Holder is hiding a secret - one that will connect him to Sky's past pre-adoption period and have Sky questioning everything she knows. (PP)

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