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Looking for Fireworks (2012)

Laney Barwell has been looking for her Mr Right in London after breaking up with her long-time boyfriend because he was too predictable. Though she hasn't found him in London, Laney is sure that he can't possibly be in her father's small village of the Cotswolds. But when her father becomes ill and needs someone to run his B&B, Laney has no choice but to move back home for a while. Not expecting to find any decent men in such a small village, Laney is pleasantly surprised to meet not one but two handsome men who set her heart aflutter. Of course, the more likely candidate, Martin, doesn't exactly cause fireworks when he's near her, but then again the fireworks Toby causes are not always pleasant and usually come complete with an attitude. Despite being a city girl, Laney attempts to make it in the country, but will she survive and find the love she's always wanted? Or should she return to London and to her ex - predictability and all? This was a great novel that kept me wanting to turn the page and find out what happened next. While some of it was very predictable, I still found it endearing and rooted for Laney. (AS)

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