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To Have and to Hold (2014)

Married mother of two Ella bumps into her schoolday crush during a hens' weekend. They spend a night of passion together but Ella soon realises she doesn't want to jeopardise her marriage to Greg. But Callum wants more and makes plans to move on from his own marriage to Liz, who has little time or sympathy for their teenage daughter Phoebe. Meanwhile Ella's friend Imogen finally realises that slacker Pete, the father of her daughter Indigo, is not someone she can rely on. This story about temptation and the lure of a different existence offers an interesting, often thought-provoking, take on the challenges of relationships and family life.

Two For Joy (2013)

Julia and Toby are best friends and see each other as nothing more. So when Toby proposes to his new girlfriend, Ruby, why does Julia feel jealous? Luckily for Julia, Ruby rejects Toby's proposal and Toby comes back into Julia's life and they confess their feelings for each other. Their blissful relationship doesn't last for long though as Ruby makes the shock announcement that she's pregnant and wants to marry Toby. Julia is devastated as Toby does the right thing and promises to look after the mother of his child. Can Julia ever accept that Toby is no longer hers? Is the saying three's a crowd really true? This was a really impressive debut. The writing keeps you on edge and has you wanting to read more and more and more! Helen is definitely an author to watch out for. (LL)

Second Opinions

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